Gain more control and visibility over your shipments
by connecting directly with local transport providers.

Be part of the future of logistics with technology driven collaboration and efficiency.

Lowering operating expenditures is a key concern for multinational Shippers in emerging markets, particularly when outsourcing to 3PLs places a 15-20% mark-up on real transport costs.

OpenPort’s system connects you directly with local Carriers, generating significant measurable savings which we pass directly on to you.

Shippers need to retain control during Cross-Dock operations in order to take advantage of LCL truck load efficiencies at the destination.

OpenPort’s cloud-based Cross-Dock Facility Solution offers dynamic deployment and inventory control for full visibility.

Shippers need to track deliveries, especially emerging market micro-distributions. Local 3PL’s lack the IT capabilities to provide this, and loss of visibility leads to pilferage and low reliability – easily leading to >15% in lost sales.

OpenPort’s end-to-end solution integrates with Shippers’ ERP systems (Oracle or SAP) and provides a direct data relationship with the Carrier through an unbroken chain of custody right up to the point of delivery.