Digital Logistics Solutions for the World's Supply Chains


Integrated. Networked. Neutral. Transparent.

gain control

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operating costs

By-pass 3PL margins of 15-20% and reduce pilferage for measurable savings.

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Cross-Dock control

Dynamic deployment, visibility and control with our cloud-based solution.

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with ERP systems

Track and improve KPIs for sustainable growth and optimisation.

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last mile visibility

OpenPort enables your Carrier partners with the technology to deliver real data.

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instant POD

Know exactly when your goods arrive and speed up accounts receivable.

Digital Logistics Solutions for the World's Supply Chains


Integrated. Networked. Neutral. Transparent.

earn new business

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new customers

OpenPort's Marketplace connects you directly with Shippers.

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your margins

By-pass 3PL fees, set your own rates and receive performance ratings.

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asset utilisation

Receive more volume, better yield, improved scheduling and load optimisation.

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your IT capability

Have a direct data relationship with your customers, using our free mobile platform.

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your working capital

Use our platform to send instant POD and receive quicker payment.

I want to earn new business while increasing asset utilisation and working capital.

I am a Carrier

Shining a light of transparency on global logistics.

I want to reduce costs, increase visibility and receive rapid

I am a Shipper

Our Clients

Leveraging their innovative solutions for the logistics market, OpenPort enables special exchange activities in INTTRA’s global trading partner network. By integrating with the INTTRA platform and utilizing their clean, easy-to-use interfaces, OpenPort’s technology platform consistently transacts critical supply chain data representing tens of thousands ocean shipments per month. Their experienced and committed team makes OpenPort a logical choice for advanced supply chain operations in Emerging Markets that need to deliver tangible results.

Bill Schwebel, President – Data Services

You will not find a better development team. I have worked with them on multiple projects in the past and they have always exceeded expectations. The team understands global logistics and develops user friendly systems and process to meet their customer’s needs.

Eric Trout, Manager – Domestic Services

OpenPort’s platform will create new value for logistics & transportation activities based on optimization that balances cost and performance. This platform will help BBR as a transportation provider with truck optimization, visibility over truck movement, and simplifying order processing and execution to create new market opportunities.

Tata Djuarsa, President & Director