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OPENPORT at its core aims to shine a bright light of transparency on the global logistics industry; creating a disruptive platform for use by consumer products companies. They will be able to reach their new customers at a lower cost, with improved and more sustainable performance.


Max Ward CEO – 10 years executive business development experience with leading logistics service providers in Asia, solving board-level supply chain problems for multi-nationals focused on the retail and consumer goods industries. Max is originally from the US, and also has extensive global experience including 5 years working in technology services and transport industry in Europe and North America.

Rob Haney CIO – 15 years software and product deployment experience focused on logistics and international shipping solutions. Delivered innovative systems for visibility, booking and last mile delivery systems.  Rob’s logistics experience is from hands-on customer deployments and also strategic project development and deployment.

Products and Services

Holistic Approach

Data Quality and Program Management provided by OPENPORT Business Services Center

Continuous Supply Chain Optimization

Improve logistics contribution to EBITDA by 20-30%

Key Objectives
Reducing Cost – Improving Performance

Clarify “true” costs by working as directly with asset owners as possible


Drive supply chain visibility and monitor KPIs and access to historical KPI ratings

How We Do It
Our Cloud-Based Products

4PL Dashboard
Multi-modal TMS
Cross-Dock Facilitator
Real-Time Ocean Data
Sustainability Metrics
Data Hub

4PL Dashboard optimizes mix of providers, asset/resource utilization

Our Savings Approach

Learn more about how OPENPORT’s innovative 4PL solution can help YOU!

Over 100 years

combined industry leadership experience in global logistics and information management solutions

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